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Our tax attorney are experienced in a variety of tax resolution services, including audit representation, tax examination appeals, enforcement action prevention, and bank levy and wage levy removals.

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Affordable Tax Preparation Service

Unfiled Tax Returns: Taxpayers that do not file a tax return with the IRS are subject to having the IRS file a Substitute for Return (SFR) on their behalf. The SFR is a punitive measure enacted by the IRS that does not afford the taxpayer the opportunity to claim deductions, which normally has an adverse effect by increasing the taxpayer’s liability for taxes due as well as any penalties or interest accrued. The SFR also eliminates the start of the statute of limitations the IRS employs to retrieve delinquent funds from the taxpayer.

Every year, thousands of taxpayers disregard the need to file tax returns properly, which, more often than not, promotes future tax problems for the taxpayer with the IRS. Regardless of personal circumstances, it is highly recommended that each taxpayer file their returns accordingly.

Our company understands that there can be a number of different reasons a client refuses or fails to file a required tax return; however it is extremely important to note the following when filing a delinquent tax return:

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  • Single or Married Filing Jointly
  • Income Limits/below 100k
  • No Dependents/Children
  • W2 Income & Tips Only
  • Standard Deductions Only


  • Any Filing Status
  • No Income Limits
  • Dependents/Children
  • W2 Income & Tips
  • Schedule A
  • Schedule B (10 Items)
  • Pension & Retirement Income
  • Educator Expenses
  • Student Loan Interest Deductions
  • Tuition & Fees Deductions

Other Forms$

  • Schedule C - $120
  • Schedule D - $120
  • Schedule E - $120
  • Schedule F - $120
  • Misc Forms - $15
  • State Return - $25

Additional information on "Tax Preparation Services"

Retrieval of Missing Wage Information

We can retrieve your prior year (2003-2012) 1040, 1099-R, or W2 transcripts from the IRS on your behalf for a single or for multiple years. Any request received before 3 PM EST will be fulfilled within two business days.

Audit Protection (1yr)

A tax professional who is trained in accounting principles with regards to taxation will personally review your tax return for errors, potential audit items, and any additional deductions that you may be entitled to receive.

Tax Return Review

A tax professional will perform a review of your return for potential audit items. We will also represent your case before the Examination Division of the IRS in case of an unfortunate event of an audit.